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We visited Verity for the first time a couple of weeks ago after trying for a baby for a year without success. Verity was absolutely incredible. Her passion, care and knowledge was obvious from the moment we walked in. My husband and I came out of the appointment feeling positive, informed, listened to and cared for. Verity found issues that had not been picked up before and has made some really great recommendations and a plan for us to move forward. I have complete trust in Verity, I feel we are in expert hands and am hopeful for what the future will hold for us. I’m also really looking forward to my first reflexology session this week!

I arrived at Verity's clinic feeling overwhelmed, and distracted from what I needed to focus on, being pulled in too many directions.
Verity has such a warm, welcoming and soothing presence. With great care she gently talked through my worries, then eased me into a beautiful hypnosis where I felt release and found strength, leaving me feeling reassured and grounded. The recording of that session that Verity kindly sent to me is a huge bonus, enabling me to tap into that reassurance every day.
I can't recommend Verity highly enough for caring about and understanding her client's issues, and gently guiding them to solutions through hypnosis.


I had a wonderful and powerful hypnotherapy session with verity recently and would highly recommend them to anyone suffering with fertility anxiety or negative thoughts they feel are blocking them in any way. At the start of the session she asked me how much I believed a particular thought that was causing distress. It was an 8 out of 10 strong. After a beautiful meditation that addressed all my fears and concerns this thought dissolved into a 0 out of 10 and had lost all its power. I felt seen, heard and supported throughout and was surprised by how powerful the session felt. Thank you so much verity!

I’ve written a little review.

It’s nowhere near how much I feel your sessions have made a difference to me but hopefully you can use some/all of it somewhere at some time…:

When I visited Verity a few months ago, I was broken.

I was menopausal, on the brink of depression and overeating to comfort myself. I would say I was at my lowest ebb.

When I walked into the room, if I said that I was immediately hit with a sense of hope I really wouldn’t be lying. She took the time to listen, understand, hand me tissues and then work on a solution based on hypnotherapy and reflexology.

I’m three months on from my first session and honestly I am a different person! Not many people would notice from the outside (because I always had put on a facade) but I now feel great on the inside.

The thought of eating a packet of biscuits, crisps and a couple of chocolate bars in one go feels completely alien to me now.

I like myself again and I’m excited about what the future may hold for me.

I’m pleased that whenever I visit now it’s for a session that is upbeat - and we actually have quite a laugh - I always walk away with a smile on my face, ready to face what life throws at me.

Thank you Verity for your patience, understanding and everything you do but more importantly helping me have my happy face inside and out!

Hi Verity, Just wanted to thank you for all of your kindness, care, honesty and flexibility in our sessions over the past time period. I decided to try hypnotherapy (and some EMDR as it turns out!) to try to understand the root cause of my disordered relationship with eating, and I’m so glad I did. Talking things through with you made me realise it was more my unprocessed childhood beliefs that impacted how I felt about my body and my worth, and feeling like I wasn’t worthy of investing in myself. Investing in your sessions was the turning point! I now want to enjoy food, and I also want to be a little bit more healthy because I know I deserve it more. I feel more confident, and I have lost a few pounds, but I’m also more ok with my body too. I want to be more mindful of my health and my body so that I FEEL good, it’s not about wanting to be skinny to feel validated. I feel more empowered and capable since our sessions. Thank you so much, I can feel the shift in me and it feels kind of liberating! X


I haven’t felt more relaxed than this in years. That is no exaggeration. I slept really well, and today despite being a busy frontline NHS worker I feel completely different, only way I can describe it is I’m feeling normal, like someone’s removed the deep mud from my feet which I’ve been wading in. I actually cannot wait for my next appointment Thank you Lucy.


I cannot recommend Verity and her team highly enough. After 18 months of trying for a 2nd baby and 5 months of unsuccessful clomid treatment a friend suggested I visit Verity. Her knowledge of women’s health and fertility was better than any doctor and the advice she gave to both me and my husband was invaluable. After only 3 sessions we got the fantastic news that I was finally pregnant and now at 23 weeks pregnant I continue to visit Verity for maternity care, back issues and she also treats my asthma and sinus problems. As someone who started out slightly skeptical but with nothing to lose I am a total convert to the benefits of reflexology and will continue to use the clinic going forward- we can’t thank you enough.


I have recently come to Verity some way down a very long and difficult fertility journey, and as we are getting ready to have a frozen embryo transfer. I am amazed by what Verity is able to tell me about my health just from my feet! As a longtime IVF patient I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about my body and how best to help myself for success, but Verity has given me tips for supplements that were new to me, and diagnosed issues that I wasn’t previously aware of, and has put me in touch with a wonderful osteopath who she thought could also help me. Verity makes me feel positive about our IVF journey, giving me new hope for our future treatment, and I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with her. Verity is a truly gifted therapist, she is warm, caring and knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation.

Sarah B

The treatment was amazing. Best reflexology I have ever had, and I’ve been to many places. One hour and I feel much better. Verity is really expert in her field with good advice and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Lovely session with Sarah Jane, who is welcoming, professional and put me at ease straight away. I have been suffering with sciatic leg pain recently and I have to say today I’m feeling better after my reflexology session. I cannot recommend these ladies enough, Katie is also amazing and all of them have a special gift which enables you to relax almost straight away. Verity is doing great work here and she and her therapists are all so approachable and understanding. Thank you ladies.


My husband and I had been trying for a second baby on and off for 14 months with no luck. After seeing Verity for just 2 months I fell pregnant. Sadly that ended in miscarriage after just a few weeks, but with Verity’s help getting me re-balanced, I fell pregnant on the next cycle and am looking forward to having my 12 week scan in a few days. Verity is incredibly approachable and empathetic. I class her as a friend as well as my reflexologist and have recommended her to several friends. I’m convinced I wouldn’t be pregnant now if it wasn’t for Verity’s help.


I first started seeing Verity after trying to naturally conceive for almost 2 years. Verity started treating me with fertility reflexology but simultaneously managed to to get my migraines in control! Three months after our first meet, my husband and I conceived! 20 weeks pregnant and I continue to get my ‘fix’ with Verity and will absolutely continue, even after out little one is born! Thank you Verity for being only not an amazing therapist, but an wonderful friend!


Just wanted to recommend the wonderful reflexology of Verity Paz. From fertility to now 22 weeks into my pregnancy she has held my hand (well my feet actually) all the way through. Not only is she amazing at her job but a true joy to visit and a wonderful calming, relaxing experience as well. Am looking forward to many more appointments with her.


Verity Paz is extremely professional, approachable, friendly (and for my situation) understanding and supportive. I’ve been seeing her for over four months now and she has helped me in a number of ways with her wealth of knowledge and experience. I also find it comforting that Verity is personally interested in my health and well-being, for her it’s not a job but a calling. High recommended.

Jo M

Verity has been treating me from the start of our IVF journey and at 38 weeks pregnant I know I’ll be seeing up to and way beyond the birth. I know her kindness, professional approach & knowledge has had a hugely positive impact on our conception and my pregnancy. I always leave feeling back in balance, relaxed and healthy.


I was recommended to see Verity by a friend who was already a client of hers. I was coming off of the pill after 20 years to try for a baby, I was having digestion problems after having my gall bladder removed 6 months before, and my energy levels were at rock bottom. Not only is Verity calm, patient, supportive and altogether lovely, but she is also very professional, knowledgeable and informative. I can honestly say she has cured my digestive issues and my periods have returned to normal. She has helped me to prepare for the road to conception and has recommended me to various supplements, treatments and books to read to improve my own knowledge and take control of my fertility. I would wholeheartedly recommend Verity to anyone but especially those trying to conceive.

Angela K

I went to see Verity after two stressful failed FET attempts. I have PCOS as well as a complex oncology history and found the whole fertility treatment process incredibly hard. Sessions with verity were my weekly de-stress I always come out relaxed and happier then when I went in. Verity got me balanced and feeling better then I have felt in months. I felt much more prepared to undergo another frozen embryo cycle. You always feel like Verity genuinely cares about you and how your fertility treatment is going. After coming to Verity I got our first ever positive! Will definitely be coming to Verity during my pregnancy and beyond. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sarah B

I started seeing Verity after struggling to get pregnant for 2 years, after not many sessions my cycles had gone from 39 days to 27/28 days and were completely regular. Verity is very easy to talk to about everything, I have had a really stressful few years and she always relaxed me and made me feel calm. I would thoroughly recommend Verity to anybody I am now 15 weeks pregnant and I know that Verity’s reflexology treatments have helped me get here. Verity is passionate about her work and genuinely cares she believes everybody will get pregnant, such a positive attitude and truly lovely person.

Vicky R

I saw Verity throughout my pregnancy with my second child; she helped me cope with the various aches and pains that pregnancy brings as well as the sleepless nights and discomfort. With my first child my labour was induced and I had a horrible experience that I didn’t want to repeat. At 41 weeks Verity gave me two treatments that successfully bought on my labour. My experience this time was one of an unassisted delivery that I desperately wanted.


Verity’s knowledge and understanding of fertility issues is amazing. She has been so helpful in every aspect from recommending vitamins and supplements, tests I should be requesting and treatments available to those struggling with fertility. The whole reflexology experience is both relaxing and uplifting and I can thoroughly recommend her services.

Abi O

What a lovely experience. Verity was very knowledgeable in her work and I was very impressed with how she worked and talked things through for me. Thank you Verity.


I was trying to conceive for 3 years before I met Verity. We had tried Clomid with no success and were about to commence IVF. After 3 months of weekly reflexology treatments I got pregnant naturally. I had monthly reflexology sessions throughout my pregnancy and gave birth naturally to my daughter in January 2014. Highly recommend.


I went to see Verity about an ongoing back problem, since having my children I had terrible lower back pain that would keep me awake at night and prevent me from being active with my children during the day. After a course of 4 treatments I am amazed at the results. Not only has my pain gone but I feel better in myself and have more energy and motivation.


A wonderfully relaxing treatment – best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time – thanks Verity.


My skin looks and feels amazing after the Japanese Face Massage. My complexion is clearer and tighter.


After suffering with irregular periods and PMT for many years, I have had my first 30 day cycle this month! No symptoms of PMT either. Thank you :-).


I have been suffering from migraines since February, at least 2 a week. I have had two reflexology treatments so far and have not had a migraine for 1 month. Thank you!!!


My migraines have dramatically decreased since trying reflexology, I was sceptical at first, but am now hooked. My life used to be plagued with constant headaches, I am very happy to report I have been migraine free for 3 months.


I have been trying for my second child for 4 years and had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. After 6 reflexology treatments with Verity, I am ecstatic to report that I am 16 weeks pregnant. I cannot recommend Verity enough.


After living with the side effects of PCOS whilst trying for a baby, I found Verity to be both extremely knowledgeable and supportive. It was important to me that I was treated by someone that understands what its like to have fertility issues. After 4 months of treatment with a combination of Clomid and Reflexology, I am finally pregnant with my first child.


I (we), just wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you for being our miracle lady. I honestly believe that without you we would not have our little bundle of joy. You really are amazing at what you do – don’t stop!!!

Rachel & Stuart

After years of suffering horrendous hormonal fluctuations through the month, and experiencing lost days as a result, Verity has given me a level of balance which has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. Verity has achieved something that years of searching did not provide, and I only wish I had found her sooner.


I have been seeing Verity for sometime now and she has helped me tremendously with my hormonal issues and IBS. She is a caring and talented reflexologist that is getting results and always updating and expanding her knowledge with ongoing courses. I would highly recommend especially if you have any hormonal or fertility issues.


Verity was very knowledgable and extremely supportive when I came to see her to improve my fertility. She made me feel instantly at home and I felt I could talk to her openly about everything. She offered practical advice and suggestions for lifestyle changes as well as the treatment its self. I would happily return to her again in the future and recommend her to friends and family.


I have been seeing Verity for a few months and she has amazed me with her skill, knowledge, kindness and wonderful bedside manner. She has helped my son recover from his chest infection and freely given her advice to me on how to help him during his recovery. I also admire Verity for her honesty with her patients about how treatable their ailments may be through reflexology. She is not money-driven but compassion-driven. I wish Verity every success with her practice and look forward to my visits with her.


I’m so pleased I met Verity, I just wish I had done so earlier! She is warm, approachable and very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I have had a number of Reflexology treatments with her at her lovely home setup and have been impressed with the results. Verity takes time to understand issues and then works very gently on feet. The effects were immediately reflected within hours or the next day. On one session I entered the treatment room with a headache and sinus infection and when I left the headache had diminished and the sinus infection cleared. Verity is definitely good at what she does and lovely with it!


My consultation with Katy was both informative and energising. Energising because I felt that I was taking control in a world where I’m constantly told that trying to conceive at 38 will be very difficult. Katy has a naturally warm approach, building rapport easily. I felt supported, listened to and well informed post consultation. I received my individual treatment plan that same evening, this outlined lifestyle as well as nutritional advice. Katy also explained basal temp charting, which I have started already. This alongside taking recommended vitamins, amending my diet and spending time on me as per Katy’s advice has left me feeling more positive than I have in months.

“I have started reflexology with Verity now. Like Katy, she is skilled at building rapport and helping people feel at ease. During the treatment I felt relaxed, energised and positive. Afterwards my energy levels had increased, I’m already looking forward to my next session. I would highly recommend (and have already done so to a friend) Natural Fertility Clinic Berkshire for the level of care, support and professionalism.


Thank you for all my lovely relaxing treatments in the run-up to the IVF. I’ve been migraine-free since before Christmas and even the drugs haven’t caused any. Last time I had countless migraines and had to be driven home from work on two occasions. I’ve felt much more relaxed about it this time too xx.


Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Reflexologist Extraordinaire Verity Paz. I have been really fatigued following a virus & after two treatments i’m feeling more energised, balanced & more myself. Other therapists I’ve tried but Verity is head & shoulders above anyone else. Thank you!!


Verity has only been treating me for a few months but I have been amazed by what she can do. Verity is a really lovely and easy person to talk to and understands what you are going through and listens. I’ve always had regular cycles but the changes Verity has made to my cycle are fantastic and the advice given to help me succeed with my aim has been second to none. Verity has recently treated and supported me through a FET, helping me feel relaxed all the way through. Verity is a very open and honest person, very approachable and brilliant at what she does. I would definitely highly recommend Verity to anyone.


My husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 18 months. After being on fertility medication and nothing working, a friend of mine told me about Verity. I started seeing her in March and by June I have finally got a positive pregnancy test result and couldn’t be happier! Verity is a wonderful woman with great knowledge in her field of reflexology and has a wonderful, happy and positive bed side manner! I am so happy to have been her patient and got this far. Verity…. THANK YOU!


I first contacted Verity via a number of excellent recommendations from Wokingham Gossip Girls on Facebook. I have been very impressed not only with her professionalism generally but also her ability to identify a number of different problems that I have had and also her ability to alleviate many of the symptoms. My sinus problems, which I had almost become resigned to, have virtually disappeared and she just gives me a ‘top up’ each time I see her. Anon Verity is very friendly and puts you at your ease immediately. Her practice is in a dedicated treatment room which has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The hour with her passes all too quickly! Anon I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an alternative therapy.


Zachary Jude Dowding arrived on Thursday 30th January by elective section thank goodness as he was 9lbs 3!! We just got home today and feeling sore but ecstatic! He is gorgeous I will try and attach a picture. Thank you so much and hopefully I’ll be back to see you soon, but not too have another baby, we are complete now.


Verity is always so kind, knowledgable, reassuring and offers excellent advice. I would highly recommend her.


Verity is fabulous at tapping into your energy and clearing blockages. I leave feeling calm, relaxed and floaty with fluffy feeling feet☺️


I started seeing Verity for reflexology following a bit of difficulty conceiving a second child. Following an honest and thoughtful consultation, she suggested hypnotherapy sessions. Through these, I was able to uncover and deal with the trauma I didn't really realise I'd been carrying with me since the stressful birth of my first child. We all know about the link between body and mind but sometimes we have to allow people to help us heal - I trusted Verity to help me and after just one session I felt I could truly confine that trauma to the past. Whether through the reflexology or the hypnotherapy, or probably both, I conceived on my next cycle. Sadly, this was not to be but my mindset going into future cycles is clear and positive. Thank you, Verity.


i've been going to Verity for some time now for Reflexology and couldn't rate her highly enough.... I’m now 2 sessions into Hypnotherapy with her and it is having a profoundly positive effect on my mindset in relation to conceiving. In 2 sessions I've gone from thinking my body is broken and I will never conceive, to truly believing it will happen and I'm capable.... obviously, the proof is in the pudding and I'm not there yet... but truly believe it’s just a matter of time now.... and look forward to leaving a further review soon, with positive news!!!


As always, Verity was so approachable, reassuring and knowledgeable. AND she has worked wonders with my back! (Something that I really did not expect!) Amazing! Thank you xx

Annie Hoodle

A massage with Sarah is like nothing I’ve ever experienced Hands down best I’ve ever had I have just moved to a new house and been a bit stressed This has brought my muscles back and my zen and mental state back to neutral I don’t know what she does but it’s amazing and I can’t recommend enough


I have been having reflexology for over a year now and this place is just amazing. Michelle’s treatments are so relaxing and healing - a total godsend Verity is also incredible and what she doesn’t know about women’s health and hormones isn’t worth knowing I’d be lost without my sessions Cannot recommend them enough


I am so thankful to have found Verity! She is working on balancing my hormones since I have premature menopause. Since the first session my hot flushes, sleep and my General wellbeing have improved massively! Verity is such an amazing and genuinely caring professional


Another amazing session with Michelle today (my 5th session). I have come away feeling so happy. We have been working on various things and she has given me such great advice (as well as excellent reflexology) and I’m overjoyed with my progress under her guidance.


I am going through the menopause and Verity has been a great help in balancing my hormones. I feel more energised and the hot sweats are less frequent and less intense. I couldn’t recommend Verity highly enough. A lovely lady who is clearly very skilled in her field of work.


I have been coming to Sarah Jane for a few months now for regular pregnancy massage. She genuinely has magic hands and I leave feeling so much better, my back pain is minimal after my visits and holistically I feel a sense of wellness and relaxation. Sarah Jane shows her experience and expertise with how she conducts herself as a therapist and through her treatments. She is able to pick up and help remedy problems/symptoms I have been suffering with just by massaging my feet. I have recommended my own clients to visit the Verity Paz clinic because of the wonderful experiences I have had here. I look forward to my future appointments with Sarah Jane and also trying out the reflexology treatments she has to offer as I near my due date. Can’t recommend this lady enough, she is wonderful.


I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable person on my first reflexology treatment. Michelle was welcoming, polite and was able to put me at ease straight away. Her gentle manner and approach to the treatment, and during, was excellent and the after care advice she gave has really been valuable. I will definitely be going back for regular sessions as I feel my first one has already been beneficial. Thank you Michelle and to Katy for giving the time to talk to me about my concerns and being able to accommodate me the very next day.


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