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Reflexology and Conception


Reflexology and Conception.

How reflexology helped me conceive and why I retrained.

I was living with my partner; we were getting married and desperately wanted to start our own family.  I had been on the pill since I was 13 years old and expected to come off and get pregnant straight away. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, I had my first period then didn’t have another one for 6 months, when my periods came back they were very sporadic only happening every 3 months if I was lucky.

Of course, I went to the doctor and started to be investigated by a fertility consultant, they found nothing wrong with me or my partner. After a couple of years of extreme stress and heartache I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I felt like I had all these wonderful healthy fertility organs in my body but none of them seemed to be communicating with each other or working together. I still was only having a few painful periods a year. My back hurt, I was getting headaches and my stomach was in knots.

I decided to try reflexology after doing lots of research I liked the fact that reflexology works on the whole body, and the principle that all nerves end in the feet, so the practitioner treating me could work on every organ to try and bring about some balance.

My first treatment was wonderful I felt relaxed for the first time in months, it was also so nice to talk to someone that seemed to understand what I was going through. In a short space of time my cycles reduced from 90 days to 45 days, my headaches went an I didn’t feel so stressed all the time.  The most incredible thing for me was that my whole body seemed to tingle and come alive during our treatments. It was almost like for the first time in months my fertility organs had started to communicate with each other.  I felt elated, I started to see signs of ovulation, within 7 months my cycle went down to 28 days.  Blood tests confirmed I was finally ovulating and I was gaining more confidence in my own bodies ability to achieve pregnancy.

Then it happened, I got pregnant but unfortunately miscarried, I was devastated!  I was supported throughout by my reflexologist and wanted to try again as soon as possible. After many years of ttc I finally gave birth to my daughter in 2004 and went onto to have another child with the help of reflexology in 2007.

Reflexology didn’t cure me; my reflexologist didn’t diagnose me.  What my wonderful reflexologist did was give me a safe place to talk openly and without judgement, what reflexology did was the most incredible thing, it helped my body to balance and heal its self in the gentlest way.

I decided to retrain and specialise in fertility, since then I have helped many couples conceive, not just by providing wonderful reflexology and fertility massage but by offering a lot of support, advice and most importantly a listening ear, one that understands first-hand how hard this fertility journey can be!

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