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Reflexology Aftercare


Reflexology is a safe, painless and pleasurable therapy.  However, following your treatment we advise that you follow the after-care guidelines shown below, in order to maximise the benefit of your therapy:

Try to rest for a couple of hours and avoid stressful situations

Drink plenty of water, treatment can leave you feeling dehydrated as toxins from the body will have been removed.

Avoid strenuous work or exercise particularly if you feel light headed.

Avoid stimulates such as tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol for the remainder of the day, your body will be trying to cleanse and rebalance by removing accumulated toxins.

In certain circumstances, you may experience a temporary negative reaction to treatment.  This is usually a side effect of the body’s natural healing process.  You may feel, dizzy, dehydrated, have headaches, changes in energy levels, digestion and sleep patterns.  These changes are normal and usually noting to worry about they tend not to last more than 24 hours and will replaced with feelings of health and vitality. If you are worried it is advisable to contact your doctor.

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