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Pregnancy Massage Reading


Huge congratulations on your pregnancy, it.s such a magical time whether it is your first pregnancy or if you have had children already. Whether you are feeling great and energetic, or are suffering with insomnia, back ache, sore joints or puffy ankles, a pregnancy massage is a really nurturing way to relax and have some ‘me time.

We use a range of techniques in our pregnancy massage that will help you to relax, reduce stress and  rebalancing the body.  A relaxed mummy means a relaxed baby! We will work out any aches and pains from the added weight on your joints and stretching of ligaments and will work on lymphatic drainage to reduce any swellings. Circulation and the skin’s elasticity are also improved.

The massage will be tailored to your needs and all areas of the body can be massaged. You will lie on your side during the massage and will be fully supported throughout so you can just rest and relax and forget about the outside world for the next hour. After the massage you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated and hopefully will go onto to have a wonderful and restful nights sleep.

The massage can be performed from 12 weeks gestation as long as there are no serious underlying health issues- you can talk to us before booking to ensure the massage is suitable for you. You do not need to wait until the last few weeks to enjoy the benefits of a pregnancy massage and people find it very beneficial starting earlier and having massage throughout their pregnancy.

When should it be avoided/ Doctor’s approval may be required:

  • First 12 weeks of pregnancy

  • Elevated  blood pressure

  • If oedema or swellings are present

  • Abnormal fetal heartbeat

  • Bleeding or abdominal pains present

  • Pre eclampsia or eclampsia

  • Severe headaches

  • Gestational diabetes

  • High Risk Pregnancy

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