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Maternity Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology Wokingham

Maternity Reflexology in Wokingham

Verity has been trained in maternity reflexology by Suzanne Enzer, a world renowned expert in both preconception and maternity reflexology.

Reflexology is excellent at maintaining a balance in the rapidly changing body and hormones of the pregnant mother.  It works by balancing and harmonising the whole person, optimising the woman's health potential both before and during conception and pregnancy.

From the moment of conception the woman and her unborn baby undergo enormous physical changes effecting mind, body and soul. In an ideal situation a reflexology sessions performed often during a pregnancy is the best way to maintain balance and harmony. Naturally, the miracle of pregnancy is reflected in the feet of the mother.

pregnant woman with her hands on her belly, isolated against white background

Reflexology sessions are tailored to each individuals needs but will always include the following:

  • Endocrine system balance. (balance of hormones)

  • Reflexology lymphatic technique. (to help swelling and immune system)

  • “Solar plexus” hold. (deep relaxation)

  • Reflexology therapy for disordered zones. ( to treat all imbalances in the body)

During your treatment great emphasis will be placed upon not just your physical but also your emotional well being. Reflexology may help to treat many conditions relating to pregnancy and is a deeply relaxing therapy.

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“I saw Verity throughout my pregnancy with my second child; she helped me cope with the various aches and pains that pregnancy brings as well as the sleepless nights and discomfort. With my first child my labour was induced and I had a horrible experience that I didn’t want to repeat. At 41 weeks Verity gave me two treatments that successfully bought on my labour. My experience this time was one of an unassisted delivery that I desperately wanted”.


Ready to find out more?

If you would like to book a reflexology treatment or would like more information, please contact us. 07899 956891 / 01189 774807

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