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Hypnotherapy for Fertility

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Hypnotherapy for Fertility – Wokingham

Working with couples who’ve been trying to conceive both naturally and via IVF is incredibly rewarding.  Ive so far helped over 400 couples to get pregnant. Using a range of techniques, Fertility Hypnotherapy being a very effective intervention.

When couples are given a diagnosis or in many cases are told they have unexplained infertility.  I will work with them to determine what lifestyle factors could be affecting there ability to conceive.

Some couples need help loosing weight or applying a healthy diet, while others need assistance with motivation and exercise.  Those that are drinking excess alcohol, caffeine or smoking can benefit from reprogramming these detrimental habits to have a positive impact on your fertility using fertility hypnotherapy.

Some women have unresolved trauma that may hinder there ability to conceive. Perhaps a traumatic miscarriage or birth.  Issues from someones childhood, past relationships or negative parenting styles can all become obstacles to conception. Fertility Hypnotherapy can help to change behavioural patterns and discard negative experiences.

Those couples going through IVF can really benefit from having Fertility Hypnotherapy, with studies suggesting that implantation success rates being much higher in couples that have undergone hypnosis. Having someone support you through the IVF journey using hypnotherapy can be of benefit not only mentally but physically due to the mind and the body being so interconnected.

Stress and Fertility

Many couples work to fix all physical aspects of themselves when it comes to trying for a baby. Many neglect to look at the mental toll of infertility. Stress and being in a negative spiral can have a detrimental impact on the whole body, particularly the delicate hormonal system.  Sometimes extreme stress can be the cause of infertility.  Being in a  fight or flight response can cause the body to channel blood away from the reproductive organs in an attempt to keep the body from harm.

Fertility Hypnotherapy can readdress the balance, by helping you reduce stress levels significantly.  Teaching self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques can often alleviate stress in a gentle and nurturing way.  Helping you deal with negative beliefs and become more optimistic and positive about trying for a baby.

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