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Fertility Massage Wokingham

Fertility Massage Wokingham

Fertility massage based in Wokingham. Abdominal massage is an extremely relaxing therapy and is used to help and support reproductive health, digestive health and the menstrual cycle. During the massage particular attention is paid to the reproductive organs such as the womb as well as the bowel and the small intestine. The massage also concentrates on the muscles, ligaments and tendons supporting those organs helping promote fresh bloody supply to these areas. The massage is suitable for post people and can help those trying to conceive both naturally and via IVF.  As a clinic we often combine therapies such as reflexology and massage in one treatment slot to enable us to work specific areas with in the abdominal area but also to enable us to balance other systems within the body in the same appointment.


The benefits may help to :-

  • May help to re position a misaligned uterus

  • Promotes hormonal balance throughout a fertility cycle

  • Could help to break up scar tissue

  • Helps promote fresh blood to the uterus

  • Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones

  • Increases circulation to the uterus & cervix

  • May helps eliminate waste from the colon

What happens in a Treatment?

We will start with a detailed consultation. We will go through your medical history and may discuss lifestyle changes with you that would be of benefit to you. The massage is performed on a comfortable warm couch and lasts about 1 hour. We work on the whole of the tummy area. If you are coming for fertility issues particular attention is paid to the womb and the emotional aspects of trying to conceive.

We often prefer to treat those trying for a baby and specific times in the cycle. We offer the massage between after you have finished your period up until ovulation. If you are not trying to conceive the massage can be performed at anytime during your cycle apart from when you are menstruating.

Whether you are coming for fertility or abdominal issues we work on both the ascending and descending colon and either side of the womb.

Your 1st treatment will consist of a gentle, “relatively” deep massage, we can also offer a combined treatment of massage and reflexology

Generally a colon and sacral massage can be performed at any time, however a womb massage has some restrictions:

  • Just before or during a bleed

  • If you have a coil fitted

  • Any recent abdominal surgery

  • If you have an infection to have a temperature

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