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Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology - Workingham

  • Baby Reflexology (Baby Reflex™) is a gentle, natural and effective technique of applying reflexology to babies and toddlers so that parents can play a part in their infant’s health.

  • Baby Reflex™ is a short training course showing parents ( and there caregivers) how they can use these simple reflexology techniques.

  • Baby Reflex™ can help improve sleeping patterns and is also helps to calm the baby.

  • Baby Reflex™ can be used to improve the symptoms of colic and ease teething pain.

  • Baby reflex™ complements the natural bonding between mother and baby.

  • The baby reflex™ techniques have been developed from fifteen years’ research into the best practice of the application of Reflexology to young children.

  • Baby reflex™ techniques can be used at any time or anywhere – all you need to access are those wonderful feet and toes.

  • Runs on: Tuesdays and Saturdays

Mother's hands holding Baby's tiny feet

Baby Reflexology Workshop

The workshop lasts around 1-1.5 hours. We will cover the following:

  • Feeding & Digestion

  • Sleeping/Comforting

  • General Well Being (includes teething, ears & sinus)

You will receive full reflexology charts to take away with you so that you confidently practice at home.

( Please note there is a reduced rate if you bring a friend and/or hold the course in your own home).

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